Yes, we hate it when the window pops up on our computer telling us that it is time to change our password.  We have to pause to think of a new string of characters that complies with the password rules (use at least one capital letter, use a special character such as punctuation, etc…).  For several days, we may have difficulty remembering the new password.

IT administrators across the country are now using the Houston Astros as a poster child for why this password security process is necessary.  The Houston Astros’ General Manager, Jeff Luhnow, previously worked for the St. Louis Cardinals running scouting and player development.  When the Astros suspected that the team’s computer network had been hacked, the Astros notified the FBI.  The FBI determined that the hacking emanated from the home of a Cardinals employee.

According to a New York Times report, federal investigators believe that the Cardinals accessed the Astros’ database by using passwords used to access the Cardinals’ computer database during Mr. Luhnow’s tenure with the Cardinals.  In other words, Mr. Luhnow re-used the passwords from when he worked for the Cardinals.


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